Academic Experience

Principal's Message

Inherit the past and Usher in the future

As the Principal of Mount Litera Zee School Howrah, I would like to write a few words to express my impression and expectation on the school. Even though I just officially took up the Principal ship of Mount Litera Zee School Howrah, I do know the school well. As a principal of sister schools in the past, I know that MLZS students are good in not only academic area but also sports, leadership and organizing activities. As a parent of a graduate of Mount Litera Zee School Howrah, I highly appreciate the school’s great effort and commitment to provide all-round education to students. Apart from striking for advancement in academic achievement, the school also nurtures students with good and proper attitude and values. The formal and informal curricula on language, mathematics, science, humanity, aesthetics and physical development have developed students’ multiple intelligence and aptitude for life-long learning. The school offers countless opportunities for students to take part in all sorts of co-curricular activities to broaden their exposure and insight

“Able to learn, Able to work and Able to engage” is what we desire for our students. This is well known to teachers, parents and outsiders that MLZS students are all elite in various aspects.

Nowadays, Mount Litera Zee School Howrah is a school of very good reputation in Kolkata and Howrah. The achievements of the school do not come easy. The drive for excellence permeates deeply the school culture. As a new principal to the school, I would like to sincerely mention about the entire staff for their professionalism and commitment in building a solid foundation of the school, the parents support as the back bone of the school and student’s diligent work and engagement in the school just leaves us overawed.

Being a principal, I have a strong belief to promote harmony, dedication and a win-win scenario for everyone in school. Harmony can be interpreted as ‘team cohesion’. As long as we have a dedicated team aiming for the same goals, anything can be achieved.

Teaching and learning are the core activities of a school. We make good use of every minute of invaluable instruction time on enhancing students’ learning. I always support teachers on their professional development and teaching. Great teachers are the most important ingredient to the success of our school. I do believe that schooling is for students. If we have great teachers in our classrooms, then we do not have to worry as much about the students. We always set students’ benefit to be the first priority. The school focuses on promoting a high level of learning culture. Resources are allocated to furnishing an inviting place and environment for learning. School policies are refined to streamline the academic and co-curricular activities. We expect changes in the future which I believe to be the sources of momentum for improvement.

I would like to emphasize on “Able to learn globally, Able to work globally and Able to engage globally”. This is well known that the world is become one GLOBAL VILLAGE.

The village concept we understand in India because 75% of India lives in villages and smaller towns. When we look at the children in the village we can notice important things in them which the children miss in cities.

The village children know the geography of their place so well. They know every nook and corner of their village, they are closer to the nature and know a lot about plants, birds, animals and people, they are creative in their limited resources and know how to use it wisely and most of all there is a very good people connect hence nurturing social values. It is all about “KNOW-LEDGE.”

If we apply the same to our education we need to understand the global issues like a village child understands his/her village. The best way to make this happen in our classrooms is to use the technology that makes things possible for us. The students are given an opportunity to interact, connect and establish that will prepare and release them for a great future. the path of perseverance to reach their goal

We plan to do the same with our students and to ensure that they get this “Village” experience and learning is all a meaningful thing to them.